No firm in the State of Maine has more experience defending insureds for national, regional, and local insurers than Norman Hanson DeTroy. As one of the two main practice areas on which the firm was founded, insurance defense litigation always has been a core strength, and we are proud to continue our unmatched reputation for excellence. Whether the insured matter involves an automobile accident, defective construction, product liability, or premises liability, our attorneys know best how to defend the client-insured within the guidelines required by the insurer who is paying for the defense.

We offer insurers the best opportunity for cost-efficient representation and boast an exceptional depth of lawyers in all experience ranges. Insurers and insureds can rest assured knowing that their cases will be assigned to the lawyers with the most appropriate experience and at rates commensurate with the complexity of the issues and the amounts at stake. Our lawyers learn early in their careers how to identify essential discovery, save litigation resources, and reduce costs.

The firm’s focus on efficiency does not come at the cost of effectiveness. Our attorneys are respected by their peers locally and regionally, and by insurers nationwide, for the favorable results they achieve in all phases of litigation, from mediations to trials and appeals. We work diligently to deliver the results insurers and insureds alike expect and deserve.