Employment & Labor Advice & Litigation

Employers are subject to a wide array of state and federal laws and regulations, many of which are enforced by aggressive administrative agencies or by individual employees who pursue civil actions against their employers. Labor and employment law administrative charges and civil actions are among the most common in our justice system today. They are among the most complex, as well. Many carry the potential for significant penalties and civil liability, including costly punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

Our labor and employment attorneys have spent their careers learning these difficult areas of the law and litigating claims brought pursuant to them. We have a proven track record of swift and efficient resolution of claims in state and federal courts. We also stand ready to provide expert legal counsel to employers regarding compliance and risk management. Our team can prepare your business to help avoid costly, distracting, and frustrating litigation.

At Norman Hanson DeTroy our labor and employment attorneys regularly help employers comply with and litigate wide-ranging issues, for example,

  • sexual harassment claims
  • disability discrimination laws
  • whistleblower claims
  • workplace misconduct investigations
  • wage and hour/overtime claims
  • cobra notification and compliance
  • drug testing regulations
  • OSHA enforcement
  • union grievances and arbitrations
  • collective bargaining relationships
  • leave of absence/family and medical leave act claims
  • maternity leave
  • unemployment compensation
  • employee handbooks
  • discipline and termination
  • medical record privacy controls (HIPPA)
  • employment contracts
  • noncompetition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • internet and computer usage policies
  • National Labor Relations Board proceedings, and
  • paid time off (PTO) policies