Norman Hanson DeTroy offers the full array of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) services allowing disputing parties to explore a negotiated, mediated, or arbitrated settlement before or during litigation. Sophisticated clients are demanding less costly and more convenient alternatives to litigation. Other counsel know they can turn to us for impartial and discrete ADR services firmly grounded in experience and common sense.

When it comes to negotiation and mediation, we can help your client work through the emotional walls of a dispute and understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own case, as well as those of the adversary.  If arbitration services are selected, you can count on our attorneys to be prepared, to run proceedings fairly and efficiently for all parties, and to render a prompt decision that is based on the law and the facts and that reflects a realistic and appropriate assessment of damages.

Our established litigation practice has produced experienced, respected trial attorneys who are among the most sought-after mediators and arbitrators in the State of Maine. Having litigated literally thousands of cases, these attorneys bring a depth of experience and insight that is invaluable to the ADR process.

Our ADR attorneys regularly mediate and arbitrate a variety of cases, from ordinary civil matters to complex, multiparty disputes and from torts to contracts. Let us help resolve your claims to reduce the costs, delay, and stress of protracted litigation.