Norman Hanson DeTroy offers over thirty years of experience providing income tax planning advice and representing clients in front of the Internal Revenue Service and the Maine Revenue Services. We offer a broad range of strategic tax planning and structuring advice, as well as counsel about the tax implications of property and business sales and of mergers and acquisitions. We also offer our clients valuable recommendations about sales and use taxes. When matters cannot be resolved through negotiation, we aggressively advocate for our clients in audits and appeals in state court or before the United States Tax Court. Our record of success in prosecuting appeals and in bringing tax court challenges speaks for itself.

We always takes a cost-effective approach no matter what the task at hand. Our significant experience and regular study of tax law developments means that we maintain a constant level of expertise that often allows us to provide answers to clients immediately and with little additional research. Of course, most tax matters are complex, and custom solutions frequently are required. When the research needs to be done, and it is time to roll up our sleeves, we are ready with state-of-the-art internet services that provide the most recent and relevant decisions to advance your cause.

The effective tax planning we offer and, if necessary, our litigation services, mean that none of our clients should have to pay more in taxes than the minimum amount legally required. Let us work with you to “level the playing field” in your next transaction or the next time you find yourself on the other side of the IRS or the Maine Revenue Services.