Norman Hanson & DeTroy maintains a niche practice area in sports law, representing clients from all over the nation, as well as internationally based clients.  Our lawyers advise, negotiate, and enforce collegiate or league contracts, agreements, and renewals.  We likewise assist in investigations and compliance, including Title IX and workplace investigations.  Our work includes pre-litigation negotiation and counseling towards ensuring that federal and state laws mandating equal pay for equal work are vindicated, anti-discrimination compliance is respected, conforming working conditions are present, eligibility markers and requirements are followed, and privacy protections respected.  If and when informal negotiations fail, we stand ready to pursue litigation in court.

NHD’s sports law practice involves legal representation of college and professional athletes, coaches, general managers, owners, teams, clubs, colleges and universities, and other members of sports teams.  Our experienced and confident NHD lawyers are equipped to handle a wide variety of sports law concerns and to do so without forgetting the need to simultaneously focus on crisis and media management and to provide focused, personal attention.  All of the above is done with the understanding that these matters inevitably come with significant emotional pressures and expectations.